Your favorite restaurants.
Delivered for free. Forever.

We focus on the ordering
so you can focus on the eating.
OrderDive makes ordering food
Easy ordering.
Now only a tap away.

The No-Brainers

No markups
Always free delivery - saving you about 5-15% per order
One-tap customizations
Always transparent
No hidden fees
The lowest commissions - so restaurants earn more

Our Story

OrderDive was founded by 2 students, one in high school, the other in college. As we were ordering food from a now-competitor we were surprised by all the hidden fees & deceptive tactics. We found online prices were inflated and didn’t match in-store prices. Other services carried an opaque 10% “Service Fee” on top of the 20% delivery fee (all for a restaurant that was only 1 mile away).

This didn't sit well with us.

These pricing calculations were downright medieval and something needed to change. (And don’t get us started on the user experience, ordering a burger felt like filling out a lengthy job application).
Together we formulated a simple mission - build an entirely new platform.
This platform had to satisfy 3 goals:
  1. Transparent pricing with no “Surprise!” fees
  2. No inflated pricing markups
  3. Make customizing your order feel natural
And most importantly, it had to make ordering food magical.
We believe we’ve found this balance. We hope that you’ll discover the same.

Join us in this extraordinary (and delicious) revolution.

Do you run a restaurant?