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Embedded Printing
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We make it easy.
Tame the hardest problems in Headless Commerce
$npm i @orderdive/core
Cloud thermal printing
import { ThermalPrinterAPI } from '@orderdive/core'
const odtp = ThermalPrinterAPI('API_SECRET')

await odtp.printer('printer_9de48924e77c4251b').send([
    type: 'text',
    content: ['Hello world!', '', '', '', ''],
Incrementally adoptable and
built from the ground up to be edge-friendly


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OrderDive Direct

For Merchants

Protect your restaurant's revenue from 3rd-party ordering apps with unlimited commission-free ordering.Read More

OrderDive White-label

For Enterprises For Agencies

Power your platform or app with our white-labeled online ordering service.Read More

Cloud Thermal Printing API

For Developers For Enterprises
In Preview

Bypass legacy POS injection fees. Direct-to-kitchen printing. An open-source vendor-neutral compatiblity layer and API for printing tactile receipts and images to ESC/POS printers.Read More

Headless Reservations API

For Developers For Enterprises
In Preview

Never worry about reconciling locale-specific Daylight Savings events or schedule conflict-resolution ever again.


Event Ticketing API

In Development

Sell limited tickets for high-volume events without traditional booking deadlock.

POS-to-App Event Bridge

In Development

POS order injection, menu syncing, and schedule syncing. Trigger events and webhooks across every order and every menu change.

Durable Queue

In Development

A durable queuing service. Schedule event consumption seconds or years in advance.

Plug-and-Play Loyalty Accounts

In Development

Drop-in closed-loop loyalty accounts, instant settlement, no chargebacks.

Drop-In-Cart Web Element & API

In Development

Performant off-canvas asynchronous loading. Backend & frontend stack agnostic.

Scheduling Agent API

In Development

An agent for finding availability across schedules and capacity. Schedule anything from dinner reservations to a fleet of autonomous delivery drones.